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dsc00041Frank and Mary Lou live and minister in the Sierre Madre Mountins of southern Mexico sharing the Love of Christ stitch by stitch and seed by seed.
Hilos de Amor quilting ministry began in 2003 when a young zapotec girl saw mary lou’s hand sown quilt squares and asked, “Whose hands did this?” She then asked if she could learn to sew along with her mother and sisters. Soon word spread throughout the mountins and women came to sew quilts in our home for their families. Biblical quilt patterns, with scripture, helped the women to learn how God’s word applied to their everyday life and and also about God’s great love for each of them. When the women relocated into town and washed their quilts and hung them out to dry neighbors became curious. Soon groups began meeting through out the mountains.
In 2009 Hilos de Amor became a legal mexican non -profit organization owned and run by the members and their elected leaders.
Frank’s garden ministry began after we attended ECHO Farm conference in2007. WE learned about different seeds that had the potential to produce oraganical grown fruits and vegatablesin our area. a variety of seeds were planted each year with limited sucess due to the ferocious insect population and a rainy season that lasts for 6 months. AFter 10 years frank has been able to introduce Ethiopian Kale, pigeon peas and amaranth to the area. While sharing seeds Frank is able to build relationsships with the men in the area , allowing him the opportunity to share the WOrd of God.
AS stitches produce quilts and seeds produce fruit, lives are changed bythe Love of God.

God can use anything to share HIs love and touch the hearts of HIs people.

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