Hilos de Amor Store, Pluma Hidalgo, Mexico

Located on the town sqaure in the gazabo the store is
open from 10am to 2pm daily , closed Tuesdays and Sundays normally.The store is owned and run by the membership.

All items are sewn by hand and are one of a kind items. Colorful Quilts, wall hangings, table runners,hot pads, potholders, purses and wallets and many small useful items are found in the store.

Wednesdays and Saturdays the women and young people are in the store to work on their projects and also learn and to sew new patterns and use new techniques.

WE love visitors. Stop in if your in the area and then walk across the sqaure for a delicious cup of Pluma Coffee. Since Pluma is known for its excellent coffee you will find many items in the store made with coffee theme fabric.

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