What’s New in Frank’s Garden


After seeing pictures in our newsletter many of youhave asked what kind of chickens ? We have no idea. Chicken chickens that lay delicious brown eggs each day. We have named them of course. Henry, Digger, Browny and Little Red Hen. They all have their own personality and are very entertaining.. Since Two of the hens have hatched chicks we now have 5 more. Hens or rooster ?? time will tell! Browny is now sitting on 11 eggs ready to hatch anyday now so we will keep you posted. Our friends and neighbors are our teachers since this is a new experience for both of us. Frank built a beautiful chicken coop . However with all the new additions Henry is out side sleeping in a tree. Frank says he is one smart dude!

Update :October 19,2016

The original chick’s are now 3 months old but unfortunately their numbers deminished to 3. However Browny had another batch of 6 which  were hatched 3 weeks ago. WE are definately in a learning stage of raising chickens. Henry , our rooster is still sleeping high in a tree each night along with a hen who has decided to lay her eggs in Frank’s workshop instead of the chicken coop. Frank found her nest while working on his latest project which is to enlarge the coop so the new chicks can be seperated  from the hens until they are old enough to go out in the garden by themselves.

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